Voada the Inappropriate

Dwarven Fighter (lv. 6)

Born: 923 A.G.E.

Born to a Dwarven ranger, Vali, Voada grew up in the prosperous Hellka clan - a splinter group who seperated from the much larger Falstaff Caravan in 513 A.G.E. when certain families grew tired of the traveller's life and decided to settle in the foothills of the Lár mountain range. Voada was just sixteen years old when her father staggered into the family home from the wilderness clutching an abandoned human child, on the verge of dying from the cold. Having grown up with just her father, Voada was tasked with caring for the boy and nursing him back to health. After a week, the boy finally gained enough consciousness to explain what had happened to him. He politely introduced himself as Kole and never having heard such manners, she took an immediate liking to him and pleaded her father on his behalf for the boy to remain with them as a member of their family. Vali proudly agreed, and the moment the boy was back to full health, Voada set about welcoming him into the dwarven community. Over the following years, their sibling bonds grew until they were virtually inseperable. They began combat training with each other, finding between them a passion for adventuring which would often lead to danger and mystery. At the age of twenty-six, she and an eighteen year old Kole parted ways with the Hellka clan and went out into the world in search of adventure and fortune. They journeyed for several years together until finally going their seperate ways. After many years alone, Voada found herself in a band of mercenaries charged with putting down a Goliath rebellion in the northern ancient Dwarf Kingdom of Karga. It was on her journey there that she became an aquaintence of Mord, a ferocious barbarian with airs of civility. Though the two became travelling and combat partners, she grew increasingly uneasy with the Half-Orc. During the battle, Voada fought valiantly along side her new companions, killing several Goliath. It was only when she came across Mord after the battle - carving his kills into his chest - that she finally made up her mind to leave the company and journey onwards alone. Her journey brought her to Isbyen, the capital of Tordenjord, working as a hired axe. Framed for a slaughter she did not commit, she was sentenced to a life's inprisonment within the dreaded Isbyen Prison. Since breaking out the bounty on her head has been lifted, though she still seeks to clear her name.

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