The Battle at the Stormpeak Mountains

The Age of Darkness is the name given to the time before the Great Event, also known as B.G.E.

It is a time in which Giants ruled over all other races for what is believed to be over a thousand years. According to ancient Dwarf legends, at around 400 B.G.E., the Dwarven race lashed out against their oppressors in an all-out, savage rebellion. After forcing the Giants to settle far to the south in the arid dunes of Ashkash (ancient Isfal), the Dwarves built their home in the Northern regions of Talvir which are now known as Tordenjord and Karga, creating the worlds first true and free civilization.

Living in relative peace, away from humanity and the elves, the Dwarves thrived in their new found home, discovering new technologies such as mechanics, farmland irrigation and optics. Alas, so little time and effort was spent discovering technologies of war, that upon the arrival of the Great Event, they were left almost completely helpless and unable to defend their own cities from The Swarm.

King Dwellok Falstaff

Fleeing south, they banded together with the races of man and elf and took back their land, returning once more to the war-like, ferocious and courageous race that had defeated the Giants many centuries before. Let by King Dwellok Falstaff, they valiantly fought The Swarm high in the Stormpeak Mountains, allowing the High-Priest of the Ashkashi Elves, Farrael the Great, to close the rupture in the fabric of existence and forever deny The Swarm a second attack upon the kingdoms of Talvir.

With the defeat of the Swarm, the modern age began...

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