• Arcturus (Herbalist, hunter, vigilante & servant of Goddess Melora - deceased)
  • Lieutenant Beans (City guard)
  • Caroline (Doppelgänger, murderer & servant of Goddess Sehanine)
  • Frank (Owner of The Quicksilver Inn)
  • Geralt (Owner of The Frost Fire)
  • Graeme, Terry & John (City guards - victims of Caroline)
  • Hastings (Sailor & Merchant)
  • Jaylar & Mute Ramut (Thieves & Maddock's right-hand men)
  • Private Jenkins (City guard)
  • Jonas (Blacksmith)
  • Lawrence (Owner of The Quill & Parchment)
  • Maddock (Noble & thief - Kingpin of Crime, ruler of Jernskold)
  • Marlin (Clerk at Bagman's Building & Loan)
  • Pete & Dud (Farmers & regular patrons of The Quicksilver Inn)
  • Sehan (Ogre, Maddock's hired muscle)
  • Thomas (Owner of The Ironbrand Inn)
Pilgrims Respite
  • Argyle (Blacksmith)
  • Will Brody (Farmer - youngest member of the Brody family)
  • Bernard Carstairs (Accountant of Royal Vintage Winery - deceased)
  • Anders Hislop (Son of Kesey & owner of The Pilgrim Cider Company)
  • June Hislop (Daughter of Kesey)
  • Kesey Hislop (Owner of The Pilgrim Cider Company - deceased)
  • Jonas (Owner of The Waterfall Inn)
  • Krael (Shardmind Wizard & servant of the God Tiamat)
  • Mal (Caretaker of The Pilgrim Cider Company)
  • Lady Samantha (Owner of Royal Vintage Winery - deceased)
  • Dalfar Swift (Owner of Swift Coaches)
  • Tommy (Apprentice to both Argyle and Swift)
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