Mord the Half-Orc Barbarian.

Half-Orc Barbarian (lv. 4)

Born: 949 A.G.E.

Born of rape, Mord was raised by this mother on their families estate. At the age of four, he took a wood cutter's axe to the empty stables at the back of his grandfather's grounds and vented his Orcish rage upon it until, three weeks later and with one swift slash, he brought the structure down upon himself, almost dying. At the age of thirteen, his mother explained to him the circumstances of his conception. He took the news hard, retreating his his room for days upon end before eventually reappearing to resume his combat training. In the years which followed, he built himself an assault and obstacle course which grew in size and danger with every passing week, ordering his groundsman to built practice dummies, destroying them almost as quickly as the old man could build them. At the age of sixteen, he left his home for the first time, swearing that his hands would drip with his fathers blood. The often violent and disgusted reactions of those on the street to his presence served onto to strengthen his lust for blood, leading to his joining of the Royal Army. Although alienated at first, the prowess and unrelenting force with which he graduated basic and advanced training gained him the respect and reknown he deserved. After two years of service, he was offered the rank of Sergeant, the youngest recruit ever to be offered such, but declined in favour of dropping out of military service, stating "there is no challenge for me here". Shortly afterwards, he joined a band of mercenaries who were tasked with putting down a Goliath rebellion in the north-western hills of Karga. He killed twelve Goliath single handed and, before the dust of battle had even settled, he took his own sword to his chest and began to carve twelve scars into his flesh. This is a ritual he continues to this day and although no one has yet had the bravery to ask him how many he has, the number is rumoured to be in the hundreds. The search for his father's clan has led him to Tordenjord.

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