Maddock (born Francis Maddock) resides in the central district of Jernskold. He leads a double life: by day he is a wealthy and influential noble of ancient stock - he is able to trace his family history back to the exiled House of Lennox, the Royal Family of Faldon who were so thoroughly routed from power during the War of the Red Plains - but by night he is the kingpin of crime, a ruthless and often violent spider at the heart of a web of thievery and deceit which permeates every layer of society from the highest noble to the lowest labourer. Though a tough and methodical ruler, he allows the town to more or less run itself beneath the figurehead of Lord Samuel Grey.

His immediate subbordinates are Jaylar and Mute Ramut, who act as his lieutenants, whilst his often second in command Kole is allowed to join and leave the organisation of his own volition.

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