Kole the Giant

Human Bard (lv. 6)

Born: 931 A.G.E.

Born to a poor family, Kole grew up in a farming community. At the age of eight his settlement was raided by Goblins who ransacked and burned every building and killed his parents when they tried to defend themselves. A week later, Kole was discovered wandering through the nearby hills by a elderly dwarf ranger by the name of Vali, who raised Kole as his own child.

Kole spent much of his adolescence traveling with the dwarf tribe, learning not only to fight by training with his foster sister (Voada), but also the laws and byways of commerce from the many markets the tribe would visit across the continent.

At the age of eighteen, he left his family and boarded the only ship docked in the Elven port town of Galion (Island of Ro). He joined the ships crew and after ten years toil became the first human captain of a vessel in the Elven merchant navy. He spent many years enjoying the spoils his apprenticeship in dwarven commerce allowed him until, eventually, his ship was attacked by a vessel of strange construction, the like of which had never been seen before.

Washed up on the shores of Tordenjord, Kole spent the next eight months travelling from town to town looking for someway to regain his fortune and buy back his way of life, eventually settling in Jernskold where he came under the employ of Maddock, the kingpin of crime and virtual ruler of the city. His skills in stealth and diplomacy made him an irreplaceable asset for the already powerful Maddock, who suddenly saw his power extend beyond the walls of the city and spread across the country. Kole's work with Maddock eventually led to a reunion with his sister, helping her and her companions to save the city - and reality - from the dark wizard Warder. Rewarded handsomely by Osric of the Falstaff Caravan and Tordenjord's ruler, Lord Samuel Grey, Kole left his employment with Maddock, stepping down as his second-in-command in order to return to his life at sea. In the three months which followed, he regularly wrote to both his sister Voada and his former employer, Maddock, detailing his exploits aboard his new vessel - The Vali Thunder - as a trader. Six months on from the Warder incident, Kole has not been heard from and there has been no sign of The Vali Thunder docking in its usual port, Fyr, for several months. His whereabouts are unknown.

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