Kavaki the Patient

Goliath Monk (lv. 12)

Year of birth: 919 A.G.E.

Born in the mountainous landscape of western Karga, Kavaki showed signs of higher development from an early age. Finding himself physically and mentally stronger than most of his peers, he made the decision to leave his high altitude homeland and journey south. Within a year, Kavaki found himself living at the wild heart of the Jaskar jungles with the Eladrin monks, who taught him not only how to find the psionic power within, but also how to shape it for good. After fifteen years of training he reached the rank of Master and, from all over the world, pilgrims and pupils would travel to seek his guidence in the ancient martial arts. Three winters ago (970 A.G.E.), he grew weary of his position within the temple and, due to tensions between himself and his new Grand Master, decided to leave the country which he had called home for so many decades in the hope of bettering not only himself but those whose paths crossed his own.

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