Hunzu, as he appeared upon first entering the mortal plane.

Shardmind Psion (lv. 6)

Born: Eternal (Arrived 973 A.G.E.)

An apprentice of the Godess Melora, Hunzu arrived upon Talvir through a portal created by the death of his predecessor, the elf Arcturus. A regular travel companion of Pippa, his first act upon arriving in the mortal realm was to save her life by disarming and knocking unconscious six Jernskold city guards in a single blast of psionic energy, using the power created by the portal to boost his powers. Though his power has somewhat settled since then, he has still shown himself to be a formidable opponent and a powerful mind reader. His ultimate purpose on Talvir is to aid and act as spiritual guide to Pippa, helping her towards her epic destiny whilst simultaneously fulfilling his own.

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