Gwenn the Avenger (Human Cleric)

Human Cleric (lv. 4)

Born: 945 A.G.E.

Born in the rural farming communities of eastern Faldon, Gwenn Shaw was always an unruly and adventurous child. This restless side to her personality backfired shortly after her ninth birthday when one of her adventures let her and her childhood friend, Kari (half-elf), into an Ogre den. Gwenn managed to escape unharmed but Kari was left with a permanently cripped right arm. Pressured by the elders and leaders of the community, Gwenn's parents were forced to send her to an Avandran monestary. It took her several months to settle into her new home but under the tutelage of Father Aramil she began to embrace her clerical studies and slowly became reknown as the gifted healer she is today. She remained at the Avandran monestary for fifteen years, healing the sick and furthering her education by serving as the librarian. One day, she awoke in her private chambers to the sounds of screaming and spells tearing at the tranquility of the monestary. She managed to escape the attack but not before witnessing the death of her mentor, Aramil. Returning to the scene long after the battle, she discovered that the hooded attackers were in fact Followers of Lolth, the evil deity of shadows and lies.

Gwenn set out into the world, a world she had been apart from for fifteen years, swearing an oath to avenge her mentor and the clerics of the Avandran monestary. Over the last four years her thirst for vengeance has led her to Jernskold, where the trail has gone cold.

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