Elf Cleric

Elves are the wisest of all the races on Talvir, proficient in light weapons and leather, with a dexterity for nature and a proficiency for hunting.

Homeland: Isfal.

Numbers: 3,776,889.

Leader: High Priest Farrael of Amaul.

Although elves are generally considered to be immortal by most peoples of Talvir, it is very rare for an elf to live past the age of eight hundred. There are four life stages: the first begins with birth and ends with an elf reaching maturity around their first century. Upon reaching the second stage, an elf ceases to age in what is considered the traditional sense; they instead age depending on how much hardship they endure (it is therefore possible for a two hundred year old elf to appear older than a five hundred year old). Once an elf has endured a imense amount of hardship they enter their third life stage, at which point their bodies begin to age by time alone, wasting away to nothing until, eventually, they enter their fourth life stage; at which point their consciousness is released from their physical presence and enters the eternal ether. Elves in this fourth stage are more often than not unable to communicate with any being but their gods, other stage four elves and the few physically present elves powerful enough to mentally permeate the ether. Even though stage four elves cannot communicate with most mortal beings, they can still roam the mortal realm, influencing the lives of the living in small ways for good or evil.

Scholars believe that if the lands of Talvir were to somehow reach an age of ultimate peace, Elves would be able to live in their second stages until the worlds end.

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