Dwarf Fighter

Dwarves are the hardiest of all the races on Talvir, proficient in heavy weapons and chainmail, with a dexterity for dungeoneering and a keen eye for trade.

Homeland: Numerous settlements across the northern hemisphere of Talvir (previously Karga).

Numbers: 243,102.

Leader: Krol Rufus Osric of the Falstaff Caravans.

In the decades following the end of the Lightning War in 105 A.G.E., the Dwarven civilization was tactically routed from their homelands in the north, imprisoned, executed and forced into slave labour to help fill the pockets of the Royal Empire and its ruling House of Lennox. The cruelty continued until the War of the Red Plains (131 A.G.E. - 136 A.G.E.), a civil war within the Empire's homeland of Faldon that ended with the House of Lennox being overthrown by the House of Haldor, resulting in the release and freedom of the Dwarves, the closure of the labour camps and the reintergration and reeducation required to enable Dwarves to become equal members of society once more. Sadly, in the dark years between the Lightning War and the War of the Red Plains, the Dwarf population had dwindled from three million to just a hundred thousand.

Today, Dwarves are intergral members of society and warfare, often seen fighting for the Empire in what they refer to as "paying their debt to the House of Haldor". Due to the immense lifespan of the race, it has taken them several hundred years for them to see any growth in numbers and still, the race is far from what it once was.

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