Dragonborn Warlord.

The Dragonborn are the most ferocious of all the races on Gia, proficient in all manner of weapons and armour, with a dexterity for battle and a proficiency for leadership.

Homeland: Sorrows Rest.

Numbers: 2,054,312.

Leader: Narkoa the Elder.

The dragonborn were a completely unknown race until the discovery of the island Sorrows Rest in the year 437 A.G.E. by a lost Elven trade ship. Before their discovery, they lived a mainly tribal and warlike existence with almost weekly raids on rival family encampments. For hundreds of years, the Elven race and the Royal Empire fought over the ownership of the island, with many naval battles spanning from just a few ships to over three hundred. In 785 A.G.E. the Dragonborn Elders agreed to cease warring with themselves and decided to join the Empire as equals in order to exploit their superior merchant navy and blacksmithing and weaponsmithing technologies. In the years leading up to the Sanstyr Conclave and the pacifying of hostilities between the empires, the Dragonborn played a key part of the war against the Elven nation, though have since began a fruitful trade partnership with them.

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